Thursday, December 22, 2005

KZN LIASA/UKZN Mini-conference in April 2006

News of a mini-conference "Institutional mergers and their impact on the LIS sector: challenges, experiences and lessons" arranged by the KZN LIASA branch with the University of Kwa-Zulu- Natal with the announcement and call for papers on the topic

The conference is to be held over 10-12 April 2006 at Howard College Campus, UKZN .

Check out the conference webpage for more information.

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Highed.Librarian blog

One of our colleagues, Fatima Darries, current chair of the Western Cape Higher Education Libraries Interest Group, has a blog at She has reported on her experience at the HERS Mid-America Summer Institute for Women in Higher Education Administration at Bryn Mawr College, just outside of Philadelphia, in the States.

Check out the postings on the end of the year breakfast (which is where the photo is from) and on Kay Raseroka's visit to Cape Town. Kay made two presentations, the first to the HERS SA Academcy and the second to the LIASA Western Cape members. What Kay said at both sessions, resonates with many of us as well. The last, and most recent, is about the end of the year breakfast/showcase where Fatima did a short presentation about her experience at the HERS Institute. (Photo shows Fatima speaking at the breakfast.)

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Winner of the LIASA Western Cape Branch Award

The winner of the LIASA Western Cape Branch Award is Milnerton Library Adult Learner Centre. Congratulations to Christelle Lubbe!!

Joint runners-up in second place were the EDULIS Library Team (represented by Susan Hanekom) and the Satellite Libraries Extension Interest Group (lead by Fadeela Davids)

Certificates of recognition were given to the teams from South Peninsula Libraries that were involved in the making of the Library Marketing Video and the organising of the Science Fiction, Fantasy and Comics Seminar.

Showcase Breakfast Meeting lucky draws for members

It has become a tradition that several draws take place at the Western Cape Showcase and End-of-Year Breakfast. Prizes included gift vouchers from Van Schaik, a cash prize from MRC, and assorted corporate products from SABINET.

Here are the lucky winners:

Loyalty Draws for members who have loyally renewed their membership for the last five years:-
Paul Meyer
Mary Lister
Sandy Zinn
Amina Adam
Nazeem Hardy
Tommy Matthee
Debby Myers
Audrey Patrick
Alvina Matthee

New Member Draws:-
Zelda Lamb
Cheryl Heymann
Janine Saunders
Susan Hanekom
Warren Hansen

Renewal Draws for members who have renewed their membership this year:-
Carmen Holtzman
Caroline Dean
Jerome Cupido
Amina Adam
Berenice Williams
Anna Louw
Sue Hardy
Lormarcia Zwaan

For a Librarian present at the Breakfast who participated in the Community Chest Twilight Run on 29 November 2005:
Desiree Reid

with a special thank you gift to Anita Shaw of Grassy Park Library for organising librarians' participation. We heard afterwards that about 90 librarians took part. Well done! And there's a challenge for next year -- we should include it on the branch diary.

Lucky Draws
Father Christmas came early this year and left so many gifts that no one went away empty-handed.

Thanks to our generous sponsors:
* Swets Subscription Services
* Van Schaik Books
* MRC for the cash prize and SAAVI products
* Mr Haffy Haffajee for the LIASA corporate products,
* Jane Sharka
* Kathleen Laishley
* Ingrid Thomson
* LIASA Western Cape Branch.