Thursday, December 01, 2005

Showcase Breakfast Meeting lucky draws for members

It has become a tradition that several draws take place at the Western Cape Showcase and End-of-Year Breakfast. Prizes included gift vouchers from Van Schaik, a cash prize from MRC, and assorted corporate products from SABINET.

Here are the lucky winners:

Loyalty Draws for members who have loyally renewed their membership for the last five years:-
Paul Meyer
Mary Lister
Sandy Zinn
Amina Adam
Nazeem Hardy
Tommy Matthee
Debby Myers
Audrey Patrick
Alvina Matthee

New Member Draws:-
Zelda Lamb
Cheryl Heymann
Janine Saunders
Susan Hanekom
Warren Hansen

Renewal Draws for members who have renewed their membership this year:-
Carmen Holtzman
Caroline Dean
Jerome Cupido
Amina Adam
Berenice Williams
Anna Louw
Sue Hardy
Lormarcia Zwaan

For a Librarian present at the Breakfast who participated in the Community Chest Twilight Run on 29 November 2005:
Desiree Reid

with a special thank you gift to Anita Shaw of Grassy Park Library for organising librarians' participation. We heard afterwards that about 90 librarians took part. Well done! And there's a challenge for next year -- we should include it on the branch diary.

Lucky Draws
Father Christmas came early this year and left so many gifts that no one went away empty-handed.

Thanks to our generous sponsors:
* Swets Subscription Services
* Van Schaik Books
* MRC for the cash prize and SAAVI products
* Mr Haffy Haffajee for the LIASA corporate products,
* Jane Sharka
* Kathleen Laishley
* Ingrid Thomson
* LIASA Western Cape Branch.

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