Friday, July 29, 2011

Western Cape Branch and Interest Group AGMs

Wednesday 3 August 2011 is an AGM morning for LIASA in the Western Cape, with the holding of the branch AGM as well as that of five of the interest groups.

Venue: UWC Library Auditorium and two other venues within the Library.

Registration 8 30 - 9 am in the library auditorium.

First session: 9 - 9:45 am WCHELIG in the library auditorium

LiSLIG in the library boardroom

SSIG in the Seminar Room on Level 9

Second session: 9:45 - 10.30 PACLIG in the library auditorium

ICTLIG in the library boardroom

Tea and networking 10.30 - 11 am

Branch AGM starts at 11 am in the llibrary auditorium.

We are very excited to inform you that our guest speaker is Rookaya Bawa, from Carnegie, who will talk about Carnegie contributions to the LIS sector in South Africa. This is especially exciting in view of the R10 million grant just made to LIASA to develop a Postgraduate Diploma Scholarship programme.

Then, LIASA President, Naomi Haasbroek, will present the LIASA Strategic Directions as well as share about the 2011 Membership Campaign.

RSVP please to the Branch Secretary, Najma Patel, at najma.patel at, 021 438 1511 or fax 021 438 1945 with your name, and an indication of which of the interest group AGM business meetings you'll be attending. Also, please indicate dietary preferences.

Kind regards
Ingrid Thomson

Librarian of the Year: Western Cape - call for nominations

We are looking for nominations for the Western Cape LIASA Librarian of the Year.

The Branch Librarian of the Year will then go forward to the national competition where the LIASA Librarian of the Year will be named. The Librarian of the Year is a role model for the Library and Information Services community and a person whose contributions make a lasting impact on the sector.

Branch nominations:- the deadline for Western Cape members to submit nominations to the branch is Friday 12th August 2011.

The nominee should:
• Be a paid-up LIASA member for a minimum of 5(five) consecutive years
• Be knowledgeable about the LIS sector and its resources
• Demonstrate high levels of professionalism
• Currently engaged in LIS sector with a minimum of 5 years in the field.
• Must have a recognized LIS qualification.

Important information about the nomination form:
• The nomination form to be completed and signed by the nominator
• A motivation statement, maximum 200 words signed by the nominator
• The motivation must be accompanied by a profile of the nominee which outlines the nominee’s opinion on the following:
o LIASA’s role in the LIS sector and the future role that the nominee believes LIASA should play.
o As the prestigious award winner, what would the projects/issues be that you would like to see addressed in the LIS sector.

The nomination form is attached, and is also available at

More information is available at

Previous Western Cape Librarians of the Year are Ingrid Thomson (2010), Nohra Moerat (2009), Naomi Haasbroek (2008), Rose Damon (2007) and Fatima Darries (2006).

Completed forms have to be returned to the Branch Secretary, Najma Patel, via email najma.patel at or fax 021 438 1945 by Friday 12 August 2011.

Ingrid Thomson
Chair: WC

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Stellenbosch University 2011 Annual Library Symposium: First announcement

Stellenbosch University 2011 Annual Library Symposium

The Stellenbosch University Library and Information Service takes pleasure in announcing that the Stellenbosch University Annual Library Symposium will resume its usual spot on the academic library calendar this year.

The Symposium has been an important platform for deliberation of library and information service trends and issues, networking and professional development for the last 12 years. This legacy will continue as we, in 2011, turn our attention to the changing research environment in which we as libraries currently find ourselves.

“Today, the research library is at an inflection point”. With this statement, Rick Anderson1 captures a dilemma that has been echoing through the LIS literature in recent years; a dilemma born from various elements characteristic of the contemporary academic research environment.

Emerging new modes of research is one element. Research practice today is increasingly diverse in location, increasingly interdisciplinary, multidisciplinary and transdisciplinary with great emphasis on collaboration. More diverse and informal modes of communication are used; there is a heavy dependence on information in digital format and researchers have access to vastly improved processing power.2

At the same time, scientific and scholarly publishing is evolving along two distinct paths - one in which large multinational commercial publishers are increasing their dominance in such areas as branded journal titles and access to scientific publication, and the other in which a variety of open access initiatives is emerging2.

Based on the premise that the production and dissemination of knowledge will lead to economic benefits such as the reduction of poverty and unemployment, building research capacity has become a key strategic activity for most higher education institutions in South Africa. Within this context, academic libraries are increasingly called upon to provide the resources and tools to enable their institutions to successfully reach their targets for student and research output, to measure their research and to identify opportunities for collaboration.

This leaves academic libraries with the question: What are the services required from librarians to meet the emerging needs of a new cadre of researchers? And moreover, what skills should we cultivate and develop in meeting the challenge?

1 Anderson, R. (2011). “The Crisis in Research Librarianship” Journal of Academic Librarianship, July 2011

2 Houghton, J.W. (2004). “Research practices, evaluation and infrastructure in the digital environment” Australian Academic & Research Libraries 35:3

Date: 17-18 November 2011

Cost: R1500-00 per person (full symposium), R1000-00 per person (17 November), R500-00 per person (18 November)

Venue: JS Gericke Library, Stellenbosch University

Enquiries: Naomi Visser, tel.: +27 (21) 808-4425, e-mail:

Registration: Details regarding the programme and registration will be made available in forthcoming announcements.

We once again look forward to welcoming you to Stellenbosch.

LIASA in Touch March 2011 now available online

The LIASA-in-Touch March 2011 issue can now be read electronically on the LIASA website.

The June 2011 issue of the LiT were recently posted to members, and will be available online once the next issue has reached the LIASA members in September 2011.

You can find the December 2010 and the September 2010 editions on the LIASA-in-Touch section located on the Publications tab on the LIASA website (

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