Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Renew LIASA membership by 31 March

Another friendly reminder that the grace period for renewals for 2011 is expiring on 31 March 2011. After this date, all communication to unpaid members via the listserv will cease and the SAJLIS and LIASA-in-Touch will not be be sent out to you until you have renewed for 2011.

The membership fees for 2011 are as follows:

Membership category

Individual membership

Full time students / pensioner, etc.


International Individual membership

Africa Individual membership

SA Institutional membership

International Institutional membership

Africa Institutional membership

There are a number of payments reflecting in the bank account that we are unable to match to members. Should you have paid and have not yet received your receipt or 2011 membership card please contact the LIASA office urgently and forward the proof of payment to admin@liasa.org.za to avoid losing your benefits.

Remember that you can now renew online at: http://register.liasa.org.za/. Please check and update all your personal details online, submit the form and make payment by internet transfer or direct deposit. Please send a copy of your proof of payment with the reference number you will receive to admin@liasa.org.za to complete your renewal. Your renewal will only be updated in the database once we have been able to match your payment in our bank statement.

Please make sure that your membership does not expire as you will lose valuable benefits in the process. Do remember that some awards and grants require continuous membership for you to qualify and you do not want to miss out on those!!

Just a reminder of the benefits of being a LIASA member:

-Regular communication via the listserv LIASAOnline or SMS service

-Four issues of the LIASA-in-Touch, our information-filled magazine for the LIS professional

-SAJLIS, the academic and accredited professional journal

-Discounted rates for meetings, workshops, seminars, Annual LIASA Conference

-Discounted rates for training sessions, courses and workshops

-Eligibility for the various prestigious LIASA awards

-Eligibility for grants, scholarships or other financial support opportunities

-Eligibility to attend the IFLA Conference on the membership rate

-Eligibility to serve on branch, interest group and other committees of LIASA

-Membership of your local branch and access to all its activities at discounted rates

-Membership of two Interest Groups of your choice and access to its activities at discounted rates

We would very much like to retain you as a member, so do ensure continued membership by renewing your membership for 2011 without delay!

Raspby Ramugondo
LIASA EXCO Convenor: Membership

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