Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Call for Nominations for the LIASA WC BEC for 2006 - 2008


This year is an election year at national, branch, interest group and
branch interest group level.

To ensure that the branch, which won the first-ever Presidential Award
in 2005, continues to grow from strength to strength, LIASA Western
Cape needs your assistance and input.

This is an opportunity for you to participate in these elections by
either nominating someone to serve on the Branch Executive Committee (BEC) and
then casting your vote at the AGM or by making yourself available to be
nominated to serve on the BEC. One of the factors that will ensure the branch's
continued success is that there is proper leadership succession and continuity.

This notice serves as a call for nominations as well as alerting LIASA
Western Cape members of the current position regarding members of the
BEC and to ensure that there are sufficient nominations for the incoming

Together with the official written AGM notification, you'll be sent
nomination forms and brief descriptions of the portfolios. The
forms will also shortly be available via the branch's web page.
Details of where to send them will also be made available in due course.

The closing date for nominations is Friday 28th July 2006.

However, full job descriptions for each portfolio are available from the current
BEC members.

Important points to note
* Only paid-up members are allowed to nominate or be nominated.
* A nominee has to agree to stand for election and the nomination
has to be supported by at least two other paid-up members.
* The term of office is two consecutive years. One cannot serve
more than four consecutive terms (i.e. 8 years) and portfolio holders
cannot serve more than two consecutive terms (i.e. 4 years) in the same

NB: Before you agree to make yourself available for nomination, please
ensure that you have the necessary support from your institution; you
are able to attend regular BEC meetings; you have access to resources
such as email, internet, fax and telephone; you have some personal time

The BEC Office Bearers, elected by members are:-
* Chair (who then represents the branch on the national Representative
Council of LIASA)
* Vice-Chair
* Secretary
* Treasurer
* Public Relations Officer
* Membership Secretary
* Newsletter Editor
* A minimum of two other members
* Second Branch Representative on the national Representative

The closing date for nominations is FRIDAY 28 July 2006.

The following BEC members were elected in 2004, so they have therefore
completed one term. In terms of the branch Constitution, they may be
re-elected, should they be willing to stand for nomination.

* Lormarcia Zwaan (Treasurer)

* Joanita le Kay (Secretary)

* Rolf Proske (Newsletter Editor)

* Wilhelmina Zaal (Membership Secretary)

* Busisiwe Khangala (Member)

* Laddy McKechnie (Member, also Chair of Support Staff Interest

The following BEC members have served more than one term, but less than
four consecutive terms on the BEC. In terms of the branch Constitution,
they may be re-elected, should they be willing to stand for nomination.

* Nohra Moerat (Vice Chair)

* Alvina Matthee (Second Branch Representative)

* Ingrid Thomson (Public Relations Officer. In terms of the
branch Constitution, she cannot be nominated for this portfolio as she
has served two consecutive terms in this portfolio.)

* Naomi Haasbroek (Chair. In Naomi's term of office as
Deputy-President of LIASA, she served on the BEC ex officio [as described below] -- so
she has *not* yet served four consecutive terms as an elected branch representative)

Other members serving on the BEC are ex officio either as
representatives or convenors of interest groups active in the Western
Cape, or as office bearers or convenors at national level, working in
the Western Cape. They may be available to stand for nomination to the

* Tommy Matthee (President, LIASA. Past Chair of Branch)
* Wynand van der Walt (National Convenor: ICTLIG)
* Caroline Dean (Chair: ICTLIG)
* Fadeelah Davids (Chair: PACLIG)
* Fatima Darries (Chair: WCHELIG & National Secretary: HELIG. Past
Secretary of Branch)
* Cherezaan Basadien (Vice Chair: SSIG)
* Jean Uys (Interim Chair: RETIG)
* Rose Damon (Chair: SLYSIG)
* Amy Bell Mulaudzi (Chair: LiSLIG & National Convenor: LiSLIG)
* Nolubabalo Memani (Representative: LiSLIG)

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