Monday, June 26, 2006

WCHELIG AGM 27 July 2006

Annual General Meeting 2006

Date: Thursday, 27 July 2006
Venue: UWC Auditorium

The AGM of WCHELIG will be held at13:30 for 14:00 at the above venue. Please diarise!

As this is an election year, you are requested to consider nominations for office bearers.

1. Positions that may be nominated for are: Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, PRO, Media Editor

2. A member can nominate for more than one committee position but each nomination must be on a separate properly completed form.

3. Each nomination form must bear the signature of the nominee and 1 paid-up member who is eligible to vote and whose signature must also be on the form.

4. Nominations must be received by one of the members of the WCHELIG Committee by 12am Tuesday July 25, 2006. Facsimiles will be accepted (at 021-8645269), but not e-mail.

5. Nominees should provide a short (1/2 page) resume to be used for balloting with the completed nomination form

6. Names of the nominees (with positions nominated for) will be on the blog at 17:00 on Tuesday 25 July 2006.
7. All members are invited to vote by e-mail to

For enquiries, please phone Mike Moll at 021-8645225 or e-mail:

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