Monday, September 10, 2007

Apply now for ARL/ACRL Institute on Scholarly Communication

Interested parties from all geographic locations are encouraged
to apply by Sept. 14, 2007, for the upcoming regional ARL/ACRL
Institute on Scholarly Communication, hosted by the Consortium of
Academic and Research Libraries in Illinois (CARLI) December 5-7,
2007, in Chicago. This immersive learning experience, sponsored
jointly by the Association of Research Libraries (ARL) and the
Association of College and Research Libraries (ACRL), prepares
participants to become local experts within their libraries.
Participants, who are encouraged to attend in teams, will become
fluent with scholarly communication issues and trends and will
begin developing outreach plans for their campuses.

Acceptance to the Illinois ARL/ACRL Institute on Scholarly
Communication is competitive; participation is limited to 100 to
ensure an environment that fosters group interaction and active
participation. Institutions from Illinois will receive preferred
consideration, and a minimum of 20 seats are available to
participants outside the state. Applications will be accepted
until Sept. 14, 2007. Find complete details on the CARLI Web

Consortia or other institutions that may be interested in hosting
the next regional ARL/ACRL Institute on Scholarly Communication
should contact Julia Blixrud, assistant executive director,
external relations, ARL,


ARL is an association of over 120 of the largest research
libraries in North America. The member institutions serve over
160,000 faculty researchers and scholars and more than 4 million
students in the US and Canada. ARL's mission is to influence the
changing environment of scholarly communication and the public
policies that affect research libraries and the diverse
communities they serve. ARL pursues this mission by advancing the
goals of its member research libraries, providing leadership in
public and information policy to the scholarly and higher
education communities, fostering the exchange of ideas and
expertise, and shaping a future environment that leverages its
interests with those of allied organizations.

ACRL is a division of the American Library Association,
representing 13,500 academic and research librarians and
interested individuals. ACRL is the only individual membership
organization in North America that develops programs, products
and services to meet the unique needs of academic and research
librarians. Its initiatives enable the higher education community
to understand the role that academic libraries play in the
teaching, learning, and research environments.

CARLI fosters cooperation among Illinois academic and research
libraries of all types, sizes, and missions. The collective
knowledge and expertise of CARLI members encourages innovation
and excellence in the development of collaborative programs,
products, and services.

Jennifer A. De Beer

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