Thursday, May 08, 2008

PACLIG Competition - opportunity to win 2008 LIASA Conference Registration

PACLIG COMPETITION: Design an original and sustainable reading programme for primary school children in the public library Competition

Prizes: Two delegates’ registration fees will be paid for the 2008 LIASA conference in Cape Town, sponsored by PACLIG

Criteria: all entries will be judged according to the following basic principles –

original – must be a new and South African orientated programme;
creative – must project the elements of “reading is fun” through activities;
sustainable – the programme must be a continuous project that will guide and sustain readers over years; and
must be applicable to in a public or community library environment.

Rules: the following rules will structure and guide the entries and outcome of the competition –

the judge’s decision is final.
no PACLIG NEC members can enter the competition.
the prizes are only valid for the registration fees of the 2008 LIASA Conference in Cape Town from 6 to 10 October 2008 – no additional cost such as traveling; accommodation or additional workshops will be covered by the price.
the prizes is not transferable for cash or can not be carried forward for any other conference or personal choice what so ever, winners who do not use the prizes for the specified conference will forfeit the prize.
the competition is only open to LIASA paid-up members.
only electronic entries will be accepted. Please e-mail your entry to ; entries must not exceed 2 A4 pages in Times New Roman font, size 12.
late entries will not be considered.
all entries must be new and original designs and PACLIC will not be held responsible for any entered programme that are already in use at present or being presented by a public or community library.
all entries will be made freely available for communal use as managed by PACLIG structures.
Winners must attend the pre-conference session on Monday, 6 October 2008, to give a short presentation on their winning programme.
Closing date 23 June 2008.
All entries must be accompanied by a completed entry form.

Entry Form

Name: ________________________________

Surname: ______________________________________

LIASA Membership number: ______________________

Contact detail
Telephone number: _____________________________
Cell number: __________________________________
Postal Address: _______________________________________________________
Institution: ___________________________________________________________

Title of programme entered: _____________________________________________

Acknowledgement statement:

I, _________________________ acknowledge the rules of the PACLIG “Design an original and sustainable reading programme for primary school children in the public library competition”, and declare that my entry titled: _________________________
____________________________________________________________________ is my own work..



e-mail your entry to:

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