Monday, May 05, 2008

Renew your membership

LIASA Membership Reminder

Please be reminded to renew your membership for 2008. The LIASA membership cycle has reverted back to calendar years as of January 2007. This means that your membership period would expire on 31 December of a year.

In addition some of the benefits listed below, 2008 is an election year and you will only be eligible for nominating or availing yourself as a nominee of executive portfolios on LIASA committees if you are a paid up member. Similarly, you will only be able to vote for candidates, as well as matters at the AGM, if you are a paid up LIASA member.

The benefits of being a LIASA member include, amongst others:
* World Library and Information Conference - as a LIASA member you are eligible for membership rate
* South African Journal of Library and Information Science - you will receive the two journal issues per year
* LIASA- in-Touch Magazine - you will receive four issues of the magazine
* Access to training opportunities offered by Centre for Information Career Development
* LIASA/SABINET Librarian of the Year Award - as a member you are eligible to be nominated for or to nominate a colleague this prestigious award
* Travel Grants - are offered to LIASA members for attendance at conferences etc.
* Personal development- the Western Cape Branch and Interest Groups offer several personal and professional development, and networking opportunities, all offered to LIASA members at special rates.

Renewal forms are included. Forms are also available from the LIASA Website at
Proof of payment together with the form should be mailed to the membership administrator at the LIASA National Office, P O Box 1598, Pretoria 001, or sent electronically to

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