Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Invitation to Copyright Workshop at UCT on 25 April 2008

The Shuttleworth Foundation and TRALAC, with support from the OSI is hosting an on-line review of the South African Copyright Act, at http://copyright.tsf.org.za/wiki/Main_Page.

How does copyright affect musicians, photographers, graphics artists, bloggers, programmers, teachers, librarians and learners? The review looks at the current legislation. How does the current legislation affect you? You can go on-line and comment, you can also have your say on what copyright legislation should look like in future.

On the morning of 25 April 2008 we are having this conversation in person, at the Oliver Tambo Moot Court, Kramer Law School, UCT . The invitation is attached.

Please join us, and please pass this invitation on to musicians, librarians, hackers, painters, bloggers, vloggers, teachers, anyone who is interested.

RSVP to copyrightreview@shuttleworthfoundation.org .

The Open Copyright Review
Invitation Reads:

You are cordially invited to attend:
Workshop: "Reforming Copyright Law to keep pace with the Digital Age & a Developmental State"
Date: 25 April 2008
Venue: Oliver Tambo Moot Court, Level 5, Kramer Law School, Middle Campus, University of Cape Town
Costs: N/A

Welcome and overview of day's proceedings - Andrew Rens

1. Copyright Law & Access to Knowledge - Tobias Schoenwetter (9:00 - 9:20)
2. Copyright Law & Digitisation - Pria Chetty (9: 20 - 9:40)
3. Copyright Law & New Media - Paul Jacobson (9:40 - 10:00)
4. Copyright Protection in a Developmental State - Andrew Rens (10;00 - 10:20)
5. South African Copyright Act Open Review: Overview of Project, Participation in Project, Timelines, Questionnaire Speaker - Andrew Rens (10:20 - 10:50)

Tea/Coffee/Snacks & Informal Discussions
Concluding Remarks and handing out of Questionnaires - Andrew Rens

(Seats are limited) RSVP by no later than 21 April 2008 to:
Pria Chetty
Email: copyrightreview@shuttleworthfoundation.org
and pria@chettylaw.co.za

For more information please view the Open Review of the Copyright Act Project Wiki:

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