Tuesday, April 15, 2008

International Questionnaire on Music Librarianship and Education

Information is sought on programmes and education for Music Librarianship.

If you are able to assist, please send your responses to Mari N. Itoh mritoh@asu.aasa.ac.jp
and CC to Hanneke Kuiper hjkuiper@xs4all.nl.

I send this e-mail by checking the registration list of IAML Sydney meeting. Could you kindly forward this e-mail to your colleagues in public libraries? Thank you very much.

I talked about my research to develop the music information specialist training program especially for public librarians at the Public Libraries Branch Lunch meeting during Sydney Conference.

As you may have noticed, Hanneke Kuiper, the president of the Public Library Branch, generously posted the following questionnaire last October for my research. The program should be useful not only Japanese public librarians but general librarians in any country.
I received valuable information from UK people so far. I would like to have various examples to see what are needed.

I will be very grateful if you pay a little attention to fill out programs in your country and some of your ideas on it.

Hanneke and I plan to report the results of the questionnaire at Naple meeing.

Below I reposted the questions of the questionnaire on the IAML Toolbox with some explanation.

Please send your response to me and CC to Hanneke .

Questionnaire on Music librarianship and education:
1. What knowledge/ technical skills do you think is necessary as a
music librarian?
=> Please write any knowledge and/or skills needed for music
specialist, ex., knowledge of some genre of music; or knowledge/
skills to read music; copyright issues; skills to organise music
catalogs, etc.

2. What knowledge/ technical skills do you think is necessary as a
public librarian?
=> Likewise, please write any knowledge and/ or skills needed to
serve at public libraries. Some of them may be same, but the other
different from the ones at academic libraries, i.e., abilities to
understand local needs, IT skills to deal with different databases,

3. What trainings/ workshops are provided for music librarians
(or public librarians responsible for music information services)
in your country?
=> Let us know the programs you offer in your country.
Is it possible to send some handouts in English available, if you
have some information?
Are there formal education program?
How do you develop your skills as a music librarian?

4. Who organize the training courses?
=> If you have any about the above question.

5. Do Public Libraries in your country outsource work relating music
=> Are all librarians professional at your library? What kinds of
work should be responsible by music specialists?

Thank you for your kind cooperation.
Best wishes,

Mari N. Itoh (IAML Japan Branch)
Dept. of Library & Information Science
Aichi Shukutoku Univ.
TEL: +81-561-62-4111 (Ext. 2454)
E-Mail: mritoh@asu.aasa.ac.jp
URL: http://www2.aasa.ac.jp/people/mritoh/index-e.html

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