Tuesday, April 15, 2008

[Teachtech-l] e/merge 2008 Registration Opens

e/merge 2008 - Professionalising Practices (http://emerge2008.net) is the third virtual conference on educational technology in Africa and builds on the e/merge conferences in 2004 and 2006. e/merge 2008 will take place online from 7 - 18 July 2008 and may include associated face to face events in a number of cities. The conference is primarily designed to share good practice and knowledge about educational technology innovation within the further and higher education sectors in the region, as well as to strengthen communities of researchers and practitioners.

Registration is now open. Until noon (GMT+2) on 21st April 2008 all participants can register for free at http://emerge2008.net/register/index.php. Thereafter the normal conference fees will apply.

Thusfar we have received exciting proposals in areas such as use of ICTs in rural schools, staff development for teaching with technology, computer gaming communities, distance learning, mixed mode learning, gender and the use of ICTs, the impact of local cultures on learning design, and design for the Net Generation. We are still able to consider new proposals received by 16th April at proposals@emerge2008.net. Full details are available at http://emerge2008.net/callforpapers.html.

Tony Carr
Staff Development Co-ordinator
Centre for Educational Technology
Centre for Higher Education Development
University of Cape Town Cape Town South Africa
+2721 6505033

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