Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Community Centre initiative in Limpopo - report back

Once again, thank you to those who so willingly gave advice on the setting up of Community Library near Polokwane. I am happy to report progress as follows:

I printed all your emails, went through them with Wilson, and made up presentation folders for him could take to meetings and to the community.
It has been established that the old school buildings, vacated on 1st March, belong to the community and the Chief has approved and supports the project whole-heartedly.
Wilson Semono met with the Limpopo Provincial Library Services (Carol Wienand) at the end of February and secured their support in providing materials and training. Carol has visited the old school with Wilson and they have identified one of the school buildings that will be suitable for the purpose and can be secured.
The community have agreed to provide the furnishings themselves.
Various mailing list members offered materials and these will be followed up as soon as possible.

The big challenge is now to find a way to support 1-2 employees who will be able to run the centre. I have put Wilson in touch with 2 of my contacts through the school. If any one has corporate connections that could be approached, please drop me a line directly and I will pass them on.

It is initiatives like this that are the good news that we all need. Working together, we can make things happen.

Mary Reynolds
College Librarian/Learning Designer
St Stithians Boys' College
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Tel: 27 (11) 577 6183

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