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Knowledge Management Through Stories Workshop - 8 May 2008

“Knowledge Management Through Stories Workshop”
Presented by Dr Peter Tobin from Peter Tobin Consultancy
8 May 2008

Who should attend

Everyone! We may not all be natural storytellers, but we can all appreciate the power of stories to help us to learn: to improve knowledge for ourselves and others. Stories can be used to help people at all levels, from all functions, from all industries and sectors, whether from for-profit or not-for-profit organisations. From the Chief Executive’s office to operations, for the younger or more mature, quiet or outgoing, stories and their use can be an important part of the way we work and improve the performance of yourself, your team and your whole organisation. This workshop is ideal for those looking for a better way to create a smarter organisation, whether they are Knowledge Management practitioners, managers or just interested in how to improve knowledge sharing.

Workshop objectives

After attending the workshop delegates will understand:
Why the use of stories is a powerful knowledge sharing practice
How to improve story-crafting skills in their organisation
How to improve story-telling skills in their organisation
How to improve story-listening skills in their organisation
The practical issues involved in effective use of stories for knowledge sharing

Outline of the Workshop

This interactive and participative one-day workshop will be action-packed and full of fun. Extensive use will be made of multimedia and case-based examples and exercises to share practical examples of how to make effective use of stories to share knowledge.

Sessions will include:

Why stories make great sense
How to build your story
How to tell your story
Helping listeners to listen
Stories implementation checklist
Personal action plan

Delegates will receive

Course notes
Copies of exercises
Personal action plan
How-to checklist
Additional resources list
Certificates of attendance

The workshop is being offered as part of the Second Annual Knowledge, Archives and Records Management Conference which will take place from 6-8 May 2008 at The Ranch Protea Hotel, Polokwane, Limpopo, South Africa.

For more information, visit: www.pdesa.co.za and go the the 'Events Schedule' page.

LIASA members get a 7.5% discount on the registration fee.

Should you have any queries or require us to email or fax you the conference information sheet and the registration form, please contact Elaine:
E-mail: info@abcads.ws
Cell: 079 617 6708
Fax: 086 666 1767

Or contact Orion:
E-mail: orion@pdesa.co.za
Tel. 015 263 6946
Fax. 086 617 7832

Esther Josias
PRO: LIASA Limpopo

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