Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Request from the Swedish Centre for Easy-to-Read

I serve on the Section Standing Committee of the IFLA Libraries Serving Disadvantaged Persons Section (Section 9). One of the colleagues of the committee has forwarded the following email to me, and I am circulating this to the listserv with his permission.

The so-called easy-to-read material deal with illiteracy and how best to combat this especially where adults are concerned. Easy-to-read is also suitable for the mentally handicapped (adults and children), the deaf, aphasiacs and people with reading and writing difficulties.

If you are interested, please contact Bror Tronbacke at the Swedish Centre for Easy-to-Read at bror.tronbacke@lattlast.se

The email from him reads:

From: bror.tronbacke@lattlast.se
I am interested in making contact with people who would like to know more about the easy-to-Read materials and exploring the possibilities of a joint venture project. There may be a possibility to get support from the governments. I may be contacted via my email above.
Best regards
Bror Tronbacke
Swedish Centre for Easy to Read

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