Thursday, October 02, 2008

LIASA Pre-Conference Workshop on Customer Advocacy - a few places left.

Hurry! There are not many places left on the LIASA Pre-Conference Workshop on Customer Advocacy
to be held Monday 6 October 2008, 09:00 - 17:00 at the Cape Town International Convention

The workshop has been arranged by LIASA Centre for Information Career Development.
The workshop, presented by Aki Kalliatakis, Managing Partner, CRC and
The Leadership LaunchPad,, comes highly recommended!

LIASA Members: R600
Non LIASA Members: R900

Please book using the conference registration form on

Details of the Workshop are as follows:-

Pre-Conference Workshop on Customer Advocacy

6 October 2008, 09:00-17:00

Cape Town International Convention Centre

Presenter: Aki Kalliatakis, Managing Partner, CRC and The Leadership LaunchPad,

This briefly outlines the topics and content for the above event. A number of different techniques
and media will be used, and delegates will be encouraged to participate in order to customize and
personalize the content.

Introduction: Why are we here?
· A brief look at how the world has changed, and the impact on our industry.
· Defining customer advocacy

Find, Win, Retain and Grow
· The four key elements of any marketing strategy, and what these mean to us
· Marketing and branding professional services
· Are our customers hostages, terrorists, mercenaries or partners?
· How can we create high levels of customer loyalty?
· Customer value and the marketing battleground: the power of perceptions

Why Customers Buy?
· The most important reasons why customers buy – and what to do about it
· Defining your customers’ needs: people do things for their reasons, not yours
· Features versus benefits and advantages: Tipping the balance in your favour
· Why customer experiences are so important in today’s world: Coffee Beans and Harley-
· Video: Give them the Pickle!

Influence and Persuasion Power
· The six most powerful techniques for influencing and persuading people

Creating a Client-Centred Culture
· Diagnosing where you are now
· Creating an action plan for “Delighting Your Customers”

Wrapping Up
· How to move from the Red (Blood-Filled) Ocean of competition for resources, to
unexplored, uncharted Blue Oceans

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