Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Membership "grace period"

Please refer to the reminders sent on the renewal of membership for 2010. LIASA has extended the “grace period” for members who have not yet renewed, but this grace period will expire on 31 March 2010. We kindly again remind you to renew by 31 March 2010 or you will be removed from the current paid-up member list and you will lose out on all the LIASA membership benefits. Non-renewed members’ names will be removed from the distribution lists of the LIASA-in-Touch and Listserv. Please also be reminded that you have to be a current paid-up member to qualify for discounted rates for conference, training courses and workshops.

Individual and Institutional membership forms can be obtained from these links, Branch Executive Committee members, Representative Council members, the National Office and on the website (

We value your continued membership and want to encourage you to renew in time and remain part of the LIASA family.

Kindest regards.

Rachel More

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