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Chair's Report to the AGM 2012

A warm welcome to the branch Annual General Meeting.   

Thank you for taking time out this morning to attend the respective Interest Group AGMs and then staying for the branch AGM.          Judging by the LIASAOnline listserv postings about AGMs elsewhere in the country,   quite a number of branches are holding their AGMs this morning,  but also their interest groups.     Western Cape led the way with this last year!     The idea was to enable members to take time out on one morning, attend their primary interest group business meeting and then the branch AGM,   and take the opportunity to do some good networking and sharing.      The only interest group not able to meet today is SLYSIG as their membership is mostly teachers -  and according to WC Department of Education regulations, meetings need to happen after hours, so their meeting happened on Wednesday.  

 This is also an election year for national, branch and interest groups.    A little later in the proceedings, we will hand over to Nazeem Hardy, who is the Electoral Officer for the Western Cape to take us through the proceedings and announce the new incoming BEC as well as the results of the elections for the interest groups.

The current BEC has continued unchanged since the AGM last year.       

The Western Cape Branch has had an exciting and busy year thus far, with the branch and the active interest groups offering opportunities for ongoing professional education and development.     We had some great plans for events, which didn’t happen for a variety of reasons, but which we hope the new incoming BEC will take up.     Nevertheless, there were quite a number of opportunities which very quickly became oversubscribed .     Within hours of an event being posted on the listserv,  we had to put up “Fully Booked” “Sold out” signs.     It certainly seemed that members had to move quickly to secure spaces to avoid disappointment.

  • Our successful end of the year Recruitment Breakfast which has become a tradition on the Western Cape LIASA calendar.    The special guest was author,  S E Partridge,  prize winning author of youth titles.    We probably all went back to our libraries to check that we had the books!  I know I did!   The venue was  Durbanville Hills Winery.    

  •  LIASA, in conjunction with US Embassy American Libraries, offered a  range of  free workshops on Consumer Health Information, across the country during SA Library Week.    Visiting  University of Tennessee Preston Medical Library Librarians Cynthia Vaughn and Martha Earl presented workshops at the MRC and at UCT’s Health Science Library. 

     SSIG took the  Customer Care Workshop to Worcester which was also “sold out”.    A Dewey       Decimal Workshop was held a few weeks ago,  and that proved to be very popular.   There were     50+ attendees at a workshop. 
  •  E-books was the topic of the two sessions run by LiSLIG this year.  Again, both times “Sold Out”.  Interestingly,  the second workshop was indeed over tea, at a restaurant.

  • WCHELIG organised a workshop on “Thinking about Teaching and Learning” which was presented by   Prof Jeff Jawitz from the Higher & Adult Education Studies and Development Unit (HAESDU) and Centre for Higher Education Development (CHED) at UCT.      The workshop was fully booked within hours of the notification going out to members.       This was the second time this workshop had been offered.     WCHELIG also organised a colloquium on Information Literacy Practices  which was also very well attended.

  • PACLIG held a workshop on creating a Reading Programme.    Plus held a very exciting  competition asking librarians how they see themselves.  The winner was announced at their AGM earlier on. 

  • SLYSIG (School Libraries and Youth Services Interest Group) Western  Cape hosted a two-day  workshop on School Library Management for teachers and other individuals  working in school libraries within the Western Cape.   There were over 100 attendees. 

As of 16 August 2012, we have 297 signed up members.      At last year’s AGM, our paid-up members stood at 261 members.    

LIASA has a couple of membership campaigns on the go which you would have seen in the LIASA-in-Touch and on both the Western Cape listserv and LIASAOnline.             

Campaign No 1:      And if the branch increases its membership by 25% (based on the 2011 stats), then the branch gets a reward.    The Western Cape 2011 stats was 274.    25% of that is 69 new members.  (well 68,5 ….).    We are currently at  297 and the target (if we are to get a reward) is 343.     46 more members.     The closing date for this is 15th September.

 Any prize money that the branch wins (no matter where and for what)  is ploughed back into subsidies and sponsorship for continuing education programmes and workshops  -  such as the School Library Management Workshop,  "Librarians as Teachers" Workshop, "E-books Over Tea"  and the "Dewey Decimal Workshop".    

If you as a member, recruit 10 new members, then you stand a chance of winning some prizes.

Campaign No 2 is the Winter Campaign where, if you recruit 2 new individual members,  you’ll get 25% discount on your membership fees for 2013.   The new recruits must join for this year and again in 2013 for the discount to be applied.

Campaign No 3 is our own campaign.   We know how popular the end of the year recruitment breakfast is , so we have come up with an offer that the first 10 Western Cape members to recruit 5 new members (or get lapsed members to renew) for this year -  2012  -  get to go to the breakfast for free, as a thank you.    Our deadline is also 15th September.

The BEC considers that all events held in the Western Cape are , in fact, recruitment opportunities.

Sue Hardy, our treasurer, will present a financial statement during her report.   The financial statement has been audited, but Sue will talk to this. 

Christelle Lubbe  was named 2nd  place runner up in the national Librarian of the Year competition in 2011.    The prize, generously donated by Ebsco , was R20 000  which she used to become a 2013 Summer Associate at the Mortensen Center for International Programmes at the University of Illinois in Urbana-Champaign.  She will be sharing her experiences with us shortly. 

We will also be announcing the Western Cape Branch Librarian of the Year for 2012 this morning. 

Our thanks need to go to our sponsors and supporters, not just at this event, but all our events over the past year.     We acknowledge and thank our institutions for their support which has ranged from financial sponsorship for events to providing venues for meetings and training.         

One of the strengths of the Western Cape branch is the number of active interest groups we have -  without them, it would be very difficult for the branch to provide the range of opportunities to members.     We acknowledge and thank the interest groups and the committee members for their enthusiasm and commitment to LIASA, and to serving the LIS sector in the Western Cape.  

I would like to say thank you to a fantastic team -  “the Win Team” .   The spirit of co-operation, camaderie, friendship and  professionalism is alive and kicking!   You are truly awesome!     These are  indeed “LIASA members who are Leaders! “               

A special mention needs to be made of those BEC members who are stepping down.    Julian Schroeder who has served on the BEC,   first as treasurer and then as Vice Chair;  Lulama Langeni,  PRO and Dr Reggie Raju,  the branch’s Second Representative.     We would like to thank them for their services,  support, professionalism -  shining examples of LIASA Members who are Leaders!  And just because they no longer serve on the BEC,  they will still remain active members of the branch and organisation.      

We would also like to acknowledge  our President, Naomi Haasbroek, whose term of office comes to an end at Conference.    It is going to be strange not to have Naomi around, serving LIASA in some capacity -  whether in the branch or at national.    LIASA, in my mind, is synomous with Naomi.   The two are really intertwined.       The incoming President has big shoes to fill!     

Naomi -  in honour of LIASA’s 15th birthday,  we would like to hand over this birthday card signed by LIASA members here at the AGM.   


  •  Please diarise 28th November 2012 for the End-of-Year Recruitment Breakfast.  The venue will be Anura Vineyards.      Details  will be made available a little closer to the time.

Ingrid Thomson
Chair:  2010 - 2012

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