Tuesday, March 18, 2008


I would like to take this opportunity to share with you what the Free State Provincial Library & Information Service (the Library & Archive Services Directorate of the Free State Department of Sport, Arts and Culture) is doing for SA Library Week 2008:

For 2008, we will have no central event - instead we have provided our 163 public libraries and depots with promotional packages and guidelines, enabling them to host a series of activities at their libraries from 17 - 20 March 2008.

Herewith a taste of activities that were included in the package:

Activity 1: World Map
In line with the "From local to global" part of the theme, libraries were provided with materials to make a World Map to display in their libraries, indicating South Africa (local) and all the countries with their flags and capitals (global) that participated in the 2006 Soccer World Cup.

Activity 2: Soccer Quiz
We provided libraries with materials and guidelines to host a Soccer Quiz on an adult and juvenile level. We provided them with a Quiz booklet with questions on subjects like Soccer Rules, Soccer Heroes & Legends, Particiapting ccountries, General soccer questions etc.

Acticity 3: Colouring-in Jersey
We provided libraries with an information booklet on PSL Soccer clubs as well as templates of the club jerseys for colouring-in purposes. Afterwards, library workers can display all the coloured-in jerseys.

Activity 4: My soccer hero/legend
We provided libraries with an information booklet on (inter)national soccer heroes and legends, as well as guidelines on how to involve a group of children in a "show & tell" session where they can bring a photo or drawing of their soccer hero to the library and share with the group why that person is their hero. The child sticks the photo / drawing onto a Wall of Fame and the library worker reads biographical information from the booklet to the children to support their general knowledge with facts.

Activity 5: On the soccer field with your library
We provided libraries with a soccer bibliography of books available in FS public libraries, a poster and booklet with information on what FIFA is, a template of a soccer player and template of a soccer ball containing the 2008 SA Library Week theme to enable libraries to make a soccer display for Library Week.

We hope that through the above-mentioned activities, we will not only raise the awareness of library users about soccer and the up-coming 2010 World Cup event (applying the SA Library Week theme : "From local to global @ your library"), but also make them aware of the soccer-related information materials available at their local library - the same goes for information on the history and geography of countires that may participate in the World Cup.

For any information on our programme, you are welcome to contact:

Ms Asanda Xinwa
Tel: 051 407 2842
E-mail: asanda@sac.fs.gov.za

Yours sincerely

Adri Smuts
Development Manager & Editor : Free State Libraries
Library & Archive Services Directorate
Department of Sport, Arts & Culture
Private Bag X 20606

Tel : +27 051 407 2832
Fax : +27 051 407 2852

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