Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Communique from President Tommy Matthee: National Elections 2008

As you are probably aware, this is an election year for LIASA for the new term of office starting October 2008 - 2010.

The purpose of this email is to update members on the national election process thus far.

The call for nominations for President-Elect, National Secretary, Treasurer and National Public Relations Officer was circulated on the web page, listserv and through LIASA-in-Touch. Members who are elected to these positions join incoming President Rachel More to lead LIASA into its second decade.

The closing date for nominations was Sunday 15 June 2008. For nominations to be valid, it had to be received in the National Office by that date.

The following nominations were received before or on the 15 June 2008 :

President-Elect : Mrs Naomi Haasbroek
National Treasurer : Mrs Karin Kitching
National Secretary : Mrs Naomi Haasbroek
National Public Relations Officer : Mrs Rebecca Senyolo.

In addition to these nomination we received two late nominations ( 17 and 18 June 2008): ie

Secretary : Dr Judy Henning
PRO : Mr Mandla Ntombela

Subsequently we have had the following developments :

Mrs Haasbroek withdrew her nomination for the position as National Secretary and
Mrs Kitching was compelled to withdraw her nomination as National Treasurer as a result of work commitments.

Given the above and in line with our election procedures as stipulated in our constitution we can conclude that :

* Since we only receive one valid nomination at the closing date ( Sunday 15 June 2008) for the positions of President Elect and PRO, the colleagues Mrs Haasbroek and Mrs Rebecca Senyolo are duly elected unopposed in these positions;
* As a result of the withdrawal of Mrs Haasbroek and Mrs Kitching from the respective positions of National Secretary and Treasurer, these positions remain vacant
* A second call for nominations be invited for amongst LIASA members to fill these two vacant positions.

We congratulate Naomi Haasbroek as the incoming President-Elect, and Rebecca Senyolo as the incoming National Public Relations Officer.

We are herewith issuing a new call for nominations for the following portfolios:-

* National Treasurer
* National Secretary

The closing date for nominations to be received in the National Office is Friday 15 August 2008.

Nomination forms can be downloaded from the LIASA website at http://www.liasa.org.za and will be circulated in the June/July 2008 LIASA-in-Touch.

Kind Regards
Tommy Matthee
President of LIASA

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