Thursday, June 28, 2007

Ellen Tise elected President-elect of IFLA

On behalf of the President of LIASA, National Executive Committee, Representative Council and members, we would like to congratulate Ellen Tise on her election as President-elect of IFLA.

She will begin her two-year term (2007-2009) as President-elect during the IFLA conference in Durban this August, succeeding Claudia Lux as President in August 2009 for a two-year term, 2009-2011.

What a great year for South African and African librarianship with Ellen's election as President-elect, following in the footsteps of Kay Raseroka who served as President during 2003 - 2005 as well as the second time the WLIC/IFLA Conference is being held in Africa in 73 years.

Congratulations Ellen!