Monday, June 25, 2007

Extension of deadline to 27 June 2007: Western Cape : LIASA/Sabinet Librarian of the Year Award 2007

You have one more, and final week to nominate suitable candidates for the prestigious LIASA/Sabinet Librarian of the Year Award for 2007.

The call for nominations can be found on the LIASA website at
All documentation must reach the Western Cape Branch Chair Fatima
Darries at or fax number 021 460 3879 or the Branch PRO, Selma Kloppers at or fax number 021 808 3723 on 27 June 2007 no later than 16H00.

The Branch winners will be announced on 29th June 2007, and their names go forward to compete in the national adjudication process in July 2007.
Three finalists and the winner of the LIASA/Sabinet Librarian of the Year Award will be announced on 17th August at the LIASA Gala Dinner in Durban at the Elangeni Hotel.

Nomination packs are available from Branch Chairpersons or from the
LIASA National Office or via the LIASA website.

The nomination must include:
* Application form

* A profile of the nominee, by the nominee, outlining the nominee's viewpoints on the following:
o LIASA's role in the LIS sector and the future role that the nominee believes LIASA should play.
o As the prestigious award winner, what would the projects/issues be that you would like to see addressed in the LIS sector.
(This is part of the application)

* A confidential motivation statement, maximum 200 words signed by the nominator and endorsed by two others

The nominee should:
* Be a paid-up LIASA member for two years.
* Must currently be working/engaged in the LIS sector
* Be knowledgeable about the LIS sector and its resources
* Be involved in a LIS project to improve the LIS sector in South Africa.
* Demonstrate excellence in marketing, promoting and advocating for LIS.
* A good communicator in order to be a spokesperson for the LIS sector.
* Must have a recognized LIS qualification.

All members are eligible for nomination with the exception of members
of the LIASA Exco and Representative Council. Those who nominate or
are nominated may not serve as part of the adjudication panel.