Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Happy Birthday, LIASA!

Dear LIASA Western Cape,

It seems a few days ago that we all made the big decision to become members of the only library and information association in the Western Cape, and in South Africa. By becoming members of LIASA, we became the mouth of this wonderful, strong body. Not only could we defend the LIS profession, but we became informed in many, if not all spheres of the LIS profession. We met other colleagues in other libraries during workshops. We attend workshops and conferences, and in our own workplaces we became fighters for the LIS profession. When our senior librarians told us we could not attend a workshop, we defy them by telling them that the libraries can still function with the non-members. By doing so, other non-members became members.

LIASA always has strong leaders. We all know our president by name. In the past, and today still, we can name our leaders by name, and we know who they are. We are informed.

I got the opportunity to become involved in LIASA Western Cape's Executive Committee. As a BEC member you get to learn more about the Association, you gained knowledge on how the rest of the country operates, how LIASA shapes the LIS profession in South Africa, and how influencial LIASA is in the rest of Africa, Europe and the USA. People know about the wonderful work that all of us do in South Africa, and they still want to know, even here in the USA, how the different Library and Information organisations became one so easily.

One just needs to make that step by saying "YES!" I, and every body else on the different committees did not know all the answers, but you learn through strong, informed and radical leadership.I cannot enough show my gratitude towards Tommy Matthee, who always had the time to show me how to balance the books, gave me the courage to present the Financial statement at a BEC meeting and later present at the End of year meetings.

Being a LIASA member helped me a lot when I came to the USA. I could talk informedly about the LIS profession, I could stand up infront of my peers and present a workshop with all the technolgy that I have here at my disposal, and I can now say that in the ten years of LIASA, that we all have grown with our profession and in our profession.

Thank you for all the opportunities in LIASA!
Happy Birthday LIASA!!

Danville (former Treasurer) and Francis (former Chair of PACLIC)Media Center Specialists, Fredericksburg, Virginia, USA.

Please celebrate with us as we both heard today that our new visas were approved. This means that we can stay in the USA for another 6 years.

Danville Fourie
1006 Jefferson Davis Highway
Apt 202
Fredericksburg, VA