Thursday, June 05, 2008

Call for applications for post of Editor-in-Chief of South African Journal of Libraries and Information Science

You might be aware that the term of office of the Editor-in-Chief for the South African Journal of Libraries and Information Science runs concurrently with that of the Representative Council. Since this is an election year, the Representative Council also needs to look at the appointment of the Editor-in-Chief for the next term of office.
The journal, which is an accredited publication, seeks to embrace a wide range of practical and research componentsincluding literacy, management, children's literature, ethics, globalisation, impact of the digital divide, technology, communications, indigenous knowledge systems, etc. The objective is to serve and reflect the interests of the South African LIS community across the spectrum of its wide-ranging activities and research.
More information is available at APPLICATIONS are awaited for the honorary post of the Editor-in-Chief: South African Journal of Libraries and Information Science Please note that this is an honorary position; there is no salary attached. Closing date for applications: Saturday 29 July 2008 All applications have to be sent to: The Secretary, Naomi Haasbroek,LIASA, P.O Box 1598, Pretoria 0001, South Africa

Fax: +27 (0) 12 337 6108 or email naomi at SOUTH AFRICAN JOURNAL OF LIBRARIES AND INFORMATION SCIENCE FUNCTIONS OF THE EDITOR-IN-CHIEF 1. Manages the Journal editorial process with the Journal Editorial Management Team (JMT) 2. Solicits and selects articles for the Journal, and submits contributions to referees to ensure that articles published by the Journal are relevant and of international quality and standard, by employing an effective peer review process. 3. Convenes and chairs JMT meetings; oversees the activities of JMT. Represents the Journal on the Representative Council of LIASA. 4. Identifies, together with JMT, suitable members for the international Editorial Advisory Board. 5. Represents the Journal at various scholarly and professional activities both at the national and international level. 6. Provides reports on the publication pattern in the Journal annually. 7. Performs any other relevant task given by the LIASA Representative Council relating to the Journal.

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