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Call for applications for posts of Editor of LIASA-In-Touch and Editorial Assistant: Advertisements

You might be aware that the term of office of the Editor for the LIASA-In-Touch and the Editorial Assistant: Advertisements runs concurrently with that of the Representative Council. Since this is an election year, the Representative Council also needs to look at the appointment of the Editor of LIASA-in-Touch and the Editorial Assistant: Advertisements, for the next term of office.APPLICATIONS are awaited for the honorary posts of the Editor for the LIASA-In-Touch and the Editorial Assistant: Advertisements Please note that these posts are honorary positions; there is no salary attached. Closing date for applications: Saturday 26 July 2008.
All applications have to be sent to: The Secretary, Naomi Haasbroek, LIASA, P.O Box 1598, Pretoria 0001, South Africa

Fax: +27 (0) 12 337 6108 or e-mail naomi at
Following is a description outlining the current status of the magazine as well a job description of the Editor and Editorial Assistant: Advertisements.

Please read through it carefully and if you wish to apply for one of the positions please inform the Secretary: Naomi Haasbroek (naomi ( )at, no later than 26 July 2008.

LIASA-IN-TOUCH LIASA-in-Touch is the official magazine of the Library and Information Association of South Africa (LIASA). It is published quarterly in March, June, September and December and distributed to all LIASA individual and institutional members, partners, sponsors and stakeholders such as library associations throughout Africa and abroad, relevant national government ministers and officials, and other
interested parties. Currently the magazine averages 16 to 24 pages and can vary from a mixture of colour and black and white pages to full-colour depending on the number of advertisements booked and photographs submitted. The print run varies between 1,200 and 1,500 copies. Overruns are distributed to the President and National Librarian to use as gifts for guests or when they are travelling. Free copies
are also distributed to the Portfolio Committee for Arts and Culture and other members of parliament through the office of the National Librarian.
The magazine is funded through the sale of advertising space, other funding sources and membership fees.

Job objective
To keep the LIASA membership informed about the organisation and its activities and national and international developments in the LIS sector by gathering and disseminating relevant information as elicited from a number of sources from within the Association and the broader LIS community.

1. Serve as ex officio member on the Representative Council
2. Newsgathering: - Invite contributions from the membership, the LIASA Executive and the LIASA National Office - Monitor LIASAonline, minutes of Representative Council meetings, reports and the broad media for items of interest - Invite contributions from regular columnists such as NLSA and the NC for IFLA/WLIC 2007
3. Coordinate the submission of such items and set deadlines based on the frequency of the magazine
4. Issue timely reminders with regards to set deadlines
5. Correspond with those who have submitted articles regarding acceptance or non-acceptance of their items
6. Responsible for proofreading, layout, design and editorial of magazine
7. Monitor the complimentary mailing list and update information on targeted recipients outside of the LIASA membership
8. Edit, approve/reject and distribute general information between issues
9. Assist with the budget forecast and funding proposals.
10. Liaise closely with the Editor: Advertisements and the various Interest Groups and Branch PRO's
11. Report to the Representative Council all matters related to the magazine

1. Good communication skills in English
2. Access to efficient ICT
3. Easy access to graphic designer for design, layout and printing of magazine

Job objective To ensure that the LIASA-In-Touch is financially sustainable through selling advertisements to library and book related suppliers.

1. Maintain relations with current advertisers
2. Market advertising space to potential advertisers
3. Liaise with advertisers regarding deadlines
4. Liaise with editor regarding available advertising space
5. Collect final advertisements from advertisers and send it to the Editor in electronic format
6. Ensure that advertisements are placed according to specifications before LIT goes to the printers
7. Liaise with the National Office regarding the invoicing process
8. Review advertising fees annually

Good communication skills in English
Access to efficient ICT

Ingrid Thomson
National Public Relations Officer
Library and Information Association of South Africa (LIASA)

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