Friday, October 29, 2010

South African Library Week 2011

LIASA is pleased to announce that the theme for SA Library Week 2011 is “Read in Your Language @ Your Library” and will be celebrated from 19-26 March 2011.

In 2007, during IFLA in Durban, LIASA signed on to the Campaign for the World’s Libraries using the “@ Your Library” slogan. One of the aims has always been to translate the slogan into all 11 official languages and this will finally come to fruition this year, hence the choice of theme. The lack of a reading culture is of great concern and greater awareness should be raised. While reading is high on the agenda from various sectors, the Library Week theme speaks to this issue, stresses the importance of mother tongue instruction while at the same time promotes the use of libraries.

A detailed brief about the theme and the Library Week celebrations will be posted shortly.

Nazeem Hardy
LIASA National PRO

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