Wednesday, September 28, 2005

The journey and accommodation

Hi all back in the Western Cape

It is the second day of the conference, Monday having been for meetings for preconference workshops, and for some of us who came only for the papers, for travelling to the conference.

I tell stories in a linear fashion, so my contribution to the blog will tend to be chronological.

I will start therefore with the travelling to conference. There are several of us from my institution attending. So we all flew to Johannesburg, 4 of us on the same flight and the 5th would arrive 4 hours later. This gave us an opportunity to explore the airport terminals. When our colleague arrived we got the vehicle. We would drive from Jo'burg to Nelspruit.

We got a real "ossewa", a Volkswagen, the new 5 door groot van. I took the time to take a nap on the 3 and half hour drive to Nelspruit.

Our accommodation is reallly in the "bos" bush, complete with km of sand/clay roads. I feel like a librarian in high heals in Out of Africa. We really do drive "dat die stoff so staan" (driving with the dust billowing behind us). This is about 30 minutes drive on the R4 out of Nelspriut. Nelspruit CBD is quite big.

We are in a pine log cabin, raised from the ground. It makes for a pretty interesting experience. I am sharing with a colleague and last night we found an interesting bug on the shower curtain. The bug was about 5 cm long and its antennae was twice as long. It was cream in colour for the bug lovers out there. I took a picture before my brave and bold colleague helped it out the window.

There is a dam on the estate has 5 Hippos, and the make for interesting noises in the night. There are also grey monkeys in the area. So our drives down the dusty road is scenic, if you can see through the dust.

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