Wednesday, September 07, 2005


This is a first for the Western Cape branch of LIASA (Library and Information Association of South Africa) where a group of members going to the Association's annual conference in Nelspruit, have got together to blog the conference, so that the proceedings can be shared with
colleagues who are not able to attend.


francisfourie said...

Hi Western Cape members at the Conference
This is a very neat and fun way to keep us all posted on the events at the conference. Iam looking forward to read all the contributions. May you have a wonderful time in Nelspruit.
Francis Fourie

Anonymous said...

To All Western Cape Delegates.
This is really an excellent idea. Please keep on updating us on the proceedings of the conference. I hope the weather up there does not affect your diligence. We are looking forward to receive everything that matters from the conference. Enjoy your stay and rest of the conference.
Alfred Faltein (UCT)