Thursday, September 29, 2005

Western Cape did it!

By now you have heard the great news of the Presidential Award that the WC Branch won. I was very proud to go up and receive it on behalf of the Branch.

I was hoping to post the photographs, but there seems to be a problem from this machine.... Will try again later.

The President of the Malaysian Library Association, Putri Saniah presented this morning and gave an outline of the library systems in Malyasia. She has also expressed an interest in further collaboration with LIASA. We are hoping to work with her on presenting a pre- IFLA WLIC2007 Conference in the Western Cape. More on that later...

The keynote address by the Cuban National Librarian, Mr E Matos, was very powerful. He gave a little background on the history of the country. What was very impressive, was the fact that in a relatively short period of time, they completely eradicated illiteracy. I will try to get hold of his presentation for the statistical info.

Mr Matos, as well as Dr James Daniel (President of the Nigerian Library Association) expressed a keen interest in working with LIASA. This is good news indeed and will be beneficial to LIASA and also in our preparations for IFLA 2007.

The AGM is due to start shortly, more later....

At least it is cooler today - on Sunday and Monday it was 32+ ...It was scorching.


Anonymous said...

Geluk met die Western Cape Branch se toekenning. It comes as no surprise,though. Iam very proud and pleased. Convey my regards to all PACLIG members.
Francis Fourie

Kim Baker said...

Hi Naomi,

CONGRATS!!! to the Western Cape Branch. Wonderful news!!!

A word on IFLA pre-conference 2007 - The Document Delivery and Resource Sharing SC, Reference and Information Services SC and Collections and Acqusitions SC all want to combine for a pre-conference (programme being piloted in Seoul) in 2007 as well - and they also want it to be in the Western Cape.

Enjoy the rest of the conference!

Kim Baker @ NLSA