Friday, September 30, 2005

second day of conference, Wednesday 28th

Hi all

Second day of conference which I am blogging now, the morning of the last day of conference, should give you an idea of how hectic things are.

The second day of conference was really bumper packed. Several parallell sessions, including the Interest Group sessions all scheduled for that day. Of course as an office bearer in HELIG I had to attended those sessions. The morning was the HELIG AGM, which I will blog on the WCHELIG blog at a later stage at

The joint session between HELIG and RETIG was really useful. Karin de Jager did a paper on Quality measurement, and did a bit on the history of the quality measurement and why it is important now again - HEQC of course. Also promised a results of her investigation in a document before the end of the year.

Gee, got to go, session starting.

Will blog later.

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