Wednesday, September 28, 2005

More from Nelspruit

There should be a burst of blogging from conference, now that we have sorted out where we will be blogging from (the library, naturally!). And great was the excitement, when we looked at the blogs and saw that there were *comments* even from a far afield as Fredericksburg in the States. You're reading us!!!!!

And Dr James O Daniel has linked our blog to the Nigerian Library Association Blog. Also check out Fadeelah's blog at and Lillian's blog at

The other keynote paper was presented by Dr James O Daniel, the immediate past president of the Nigerian Library Association, who brought us greetings and felicitations from our colleagues in the North. In an inspiring address, he reminded us that the library is the nerve centre of the education system, and that we should not be neutral.

Archie Dick spoke about lessons from the Tshwane Council plan to "redistribute" public libraries,
where the community themselves stopped the redistribution from happening.

I am not going to have time to finish this posting as we need to get to the joint HELIG/RETIG session where SAQA and SGB issues are going to be discussed. This morning's session was very interesting .... but more about that later (tomorrow probably, as the library closes at 4 pm -- it is vac)

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