Monday, August 28, 2006

Concern about Bonteheuwel Library and other public libraries in the Western Cape

There is an article in Cape Argus of 22nd August headline "Pupils protest over closure of library"about the fact that Bonteheuwel Library was closed for renovations in Augustlast year and has to date not re-opened. Contractors deserted theproject in December last year and the library has been closed eversince.

A week after the LIASA Western Cape Branch congratulated MarkShuttleworth for his generous donation for the upgrade of theDurbanville libraries, we are concerned to note that no such respite exists for Bonteheuwel Library.

According to the report in the Cape Argus, Deputy MayorAndrew Arnolds
has given his assurance that council was "working" on the problem but LIASA needs to point out that the Bonteheuwel community has been without a library service for a year.

Why has it taken Council so long to appointa contractor if there is a budget available for the renovations?

LIASA Western Cape also has also noted with concern the problems surrounding public libraries in the Helderberg and closure of the Lansdowne Public Library since February this year.

We are happy that the immediate problems which led to the closure of Lansdowne appear to be resolved with appointment of more staff and its re-opening.

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