Monday, August 28, 2006

UCT Libraries first in South Africa in OCLC's Enhance programme

News just out from SABINET:

Congratulations to Norma Read and her team of cataloguers from the Chancellor Oppenheimer Library at the University of Cape Town, on their acceptance into OCLC’s Enhance program. The Library is the first South African library to achieve this status.

OCLC ‘s Enhance program was established in 1983 in an attempt to decentralize quality control responsibility for WorldCat. The program now includes more than 180 institutions.

Enhance status libraries are mandated to correct or add information tobibliographic records in WorldCat to improve the overall quality of WorldCat. Libraries applying are subjected to strict reviewing of their cataloguing on WorldCat over the past year and acceptance is based on a point system.

Through their participation in this program, the University of Cape Town Library will be able to improve the quality of WorldCat records held by South African libraries and this will also result in better quality records in the SACat.

Source: media statement (just released) by SABINET

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