Thursday, August 17, 2006

Congratulations to Mark Shuttleworth on his generous donation

If we are to lift Africa from her current circumstances, we will need a
generation of learners that are gifted with curiosity about the world in
which they live, and the tools to understand and shape that world'
- Mark Shuttleworth

Mark has lived up to this statement (taken off the Shuttleworth
Foundation website
through his very generous donation of R12 million
for the upgrading of the two libraries in Durbanville, his home town.
The announcement was made at the 200th anniversary celebrations of the
town by his mother, who was representing the Foundation.

"My son has always been passionate about maths and science but this time
he has decided to extend his donations to education. Mark, the African,
Durbanviller, Londoner is donating R12m for the extension of libraries
and stocking of books."

LIASA Western Cape commends Mark on his very generous donation
to improving Library Services in Durbanville and hopes that his fine
example is emulated by other members of the business community to rescue an
ailing, but absolutely essential, Library Service in the Western Cape.

Here is the link to the story available on the IOL web page:

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