Wednesday, August 30, 2006

New LIASA Acquisitions Interest Group/YBP Library Services Award

YBP Library Services and its UK arm, Lindsay & Croft, in South Africa under the auspices of LIASA: LACIG announces an annual award of R 10,000.

The YBP awards are designed to recognize the contribution of members of the profession who work, often behind the scenes, in collection and technical services (library acquisitions), and to promote leadership, innovation, research,publication and practice in collection services. It has been said that these are the folk whose labours go largely unremarked, and "who make library administrators look good".

Nominations are invited from:
# all paidup individual members of LIASA (for the past two years)
#paidup interest group/ LACIG members (for the past two years)

The successful recipients(s) will be required to:
1. Prepare a comprehensive report which may be published in theLIASA in Touch and Acquisitions in Touch
2. Make a presentation at the next LIASA Conference (2007) or event and assume all costs associated with attending such an event. The presentation will outline the project/professional travel and its outcomes and will acknowledge the support given by the YBP award under the auspices of LIASA:LACIG.

In awarding the YBP/Lindsay & Croft Award, LIASA reserves the right to make broad adjustments to the proposed project to ensure optimal relevance for the association and the wider profession.
With the nomination form include the following:
# Nominee's CV with full work address
# attach an outline of why you are a deserving candidate (nominee)
# attach a brief outline by selector (why you chose the nominee and what your working relationship with the nominee is)

Nominations will be considered by the LIASA Awards Committee with recommendation of the LACIG Committee.

N.B. Nominations close on 8 September 2006, so don't delay.
Send or fax forms to UNISA: FLORIDA CAMPUS Private Bag X90 FLORIDA 1710
Tel: (+27 11) 471-2826 Fax: (+27 11) 471-2200


I, the undersigned, being a 2006 paid-up members of LIASA, hereby nominate
__________________________________ (name of candidate)
LIASA membership no _______who is working in technical services or collection development in a library.

Position held in the library: __________________________
Name of library: __________________________________
Reason for the nomination - unique contribution made by the nominee in the field of collection development and technicalservices. (If necessary, append an additional sheet)
If the nominee should win the award, the nominee will use this award to further his/her expertise in the field ofcollection development or technical services (library acquisitions) by doing the following:

Proposed by:
Full name in block letters: ________________________________________________
LIASA membership no ________ Signature: _____________________
Seconded by:
Full name in block letters: ________________________________________________
LIASA membership no ________ Signature:_____________________
Declaration by nominee:
I, _________________________________________________________ (full name in block letters)
LIASA membership number __________, accept the nomination for the above award and promise, if elected, to adhere to therules and requirements as set by LIASA
Signature: ____________________________Date:__________________

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