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Grants for research and development projects 2008

The SALI Trust, established after the dissolution of the South African Institute for Librarianship and Information Science (SAILIS), has the following objectives:

 To promote the common interest of persons carrying on the profession or occupation of librarianship and information work within the Republic of South Africa; and in doing so

 To develop librarianship and information studies in order that library and information services of a high standard may be rendered by all persons active in the Library and Information Sector in the Republic of South Africa.

In line with these objectives the Trust annually offers at least one grant each (maximum R40,000) in the fields of (1) research and of (2) development in librarianship and information work in South Africa, for projects which, according to the Trustees, will best contribute to the realisation of the above objectives. The Trust reserves the right not to make any grants from the applications received.

Applications should clearly state

 the objective of the project, including the expected end result and the effect it could have on the South African library and information profession or service

 full biographical details of the applicant, the person responsible for the project and others to be involved, including the nature of their work and their employers

 the proposed methodology/activities

 the envisaged programme/time-frame for completion

 a detailed budget, with an indication of funding received or applied for from other sources. (Please note that the Trust will not make grants available to pay grantees for their time, or for the payment of salaries, nor for the purchase of computers or other equipment)

NB Failure to adequately provide the above information could lead to disqualification.

Applications, preferably in electronic form (email or disk), should reach the Administrator of the Trust by 16 November 2007

at the following address: or otherwise at John Willemse, PO Box 299, Stilbaai, 6674

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