Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Communique from President: National Elections Update

The purpose of this email is to update you on the National Elections since my last communique on the National Elections.

As you may recall, we issued a new call for nominations for the following portfolios:-

* National Treasurer
* National Secretary

The closing date was 15 August 2008.

The following nominations were received by the due date, and are valid:-

One nomination was received for the portfolio of National Secretary:-

* Dr Judy Henning

Two valid nominations were received for the portfolio of National Treasurer:-

* Karin Kitching

* Rirhandzu Mhinga

You will recall that in the last round, Karin Kitching was nominated unopposed for this position but unfortunately had to withdraw due to work commitments. Having worked out the challenges, she has reconsidered and is now prepared to serve again.

Given the above and in line with our election procedures as stipulated in our constitution we can conclude that: -

* Since we only received one valid nomination by the closing date (15 August 2008) for the position of National Secretary, Dr Judy Henning is duly elected unopposed to this position.

* Since there are two valid nominations for the position of National Treasurer, an election is to take place.

Ballot papers will be posted to members in due course and will made available on the LIASA website, to be returned by Tuesday 7 October 2008 12 pm either by post, or faxed to Johann Pienaar, the Electoral Officer, or dropped in the sealed ballot box in the LIASA Secretariat Office at the LIASA Conference.

Congratulations to Dr Judy Henning, incoming National Secretary, who joins Rachel More, incoming President, Naomi Haasbroek, President-Elect and Rebecca Senyolo, incoming National PR to take LIASA into its second decade!

Kind regards
Tommy Matthee
President LIASA

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