Friday, September 26, 2008

Conference: Invitation to LIASA Fun Run/Walk


17h30 Monday 6 October 2008

Adventure awaits you around every corner of this cityscape tour of
an historic Cape Town area

Tour the footpaths of academe –
see the mountain in an entirely different perspective –

feast your eyes on picturesque harbour views –
let your imagination take you through centuries of human endeavour –
let your sweat fall on the same cobblestones as your ancestors –

let the spirit(s) of the past carry you to the triumph of the present.

How could you not want to participate in this celebration of physical

Enter now – or when you collect your conference packs – or at the startline –

But enter, enter, enter –
Do not ‘watch history in the making”

BE history,
Be part of our inspiring tradition of sweat, tears and blisters – all in
the name of glorious fun.

Medals to be won – fame to last a lifetime (or at least four days)

Come on!! Bring your takkies and a friend.

The camaraderie of group suffering must be experienced to be

Whether you walk or run, you will not be alone – breathless maybe, but
not alone.

Resistance is futile –
Join up now and go with the flow, uphill and downhill,

And uphill and downhill and ……….!

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