Thursday, September 30, 2010

Q and A : Draft community library and informaton services bill, 2010 - Audio Clip

This Q and A  session to discuss the Draft community library and information services bill, 2010, (please find it here) was presented at Session 3 of Day 1, at the 12th LIASA Conference.

Due to time constraints, as communicated by John Tsebe at the session, Puleng Kekana indicated there was insufficient time to answer questions.

Delegates, raised serious objections to what they perceived as a dismissal of feedback to this important proposed legislation, which could so critically effect libraries.
The organizing committee thus proposed this ad hoc Q and A, with Puleng Kekana and John Tsebe answering questions.
Here are two such questions.

These two clips at different times in the Q and A.
First Speaker: Claire Walker
Second Speaker: Tommy Matthee

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